Friday, May 14, 2010

Guruji's bday celebrations @ JGRV school, Kalyan Nagar, Blore

It was a beautiful evening. All the hard work put in by all the volunteers was about to culminate in one big event filled with music, masti, devotion and bliss. The evening started by the planting of trees led by the AOL volunteers and I was very happy to have been given an opportunity to plant a tree with my own hands and water it with tender loving care. I am sure that the saplings of joy, love, devotion and bliss that has been planted by the loving hands of one and all will one day grow into huge trees that will give a lot of shade and shelter to thousands and lakhs of students who will walk the portals of this school and who will spread the knowledge and wisdom that they have received here.
The planting of the saplings was followed by a beautiful and devotion filled Guru Pooja and the chanting of the Guru Paaduka Stotram. We could feel the Divine Master's presence in our midst and the vibrations that I felt left me stunned and I have no words to express the energy and the magic in the air. It felt as though I just needed to stretch my arms and would feel the loving embrace and the gentle caress of the Divine Master. On that day we were all Radhikas and Gopalas playing the wonderful Raasleela to melodious music and were performing the Divine Dance in HIS presence.
The soulful bhajans elevated us all to a different level which left us all in an exalted state of Joy and bliss. The racy numbers had the entire crowd on its feet and many were seen dancing in gay abandon and masti and some were seen with their eyes closed gently rocking their bodies to the rhythmic notes of the music and soaking themselves in its many textures and layers and experiencing the kind of high and intoxication that no other worldly-chemical intoxicant can give.
When the singers stopped their were many protests to continue and many demands for an encore. Such was the kind of sublime and pure devotion filled atmosphere created by the Satsang that nobody wanted to elave and everyone wanted for it to go on and on and on .........
Hope that this continues and we have many such events that will take us all closer to the Master and take us all closer to our true nature.