Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hum hai Hyderabad ke Nawaab!!!

What is it that makes a great run? Is it getting a podium finish? Is it getting a PB? Is it getting a fantastic t-shirt? Is it the travel and the great time that we have with our running buddies? Is it some or all of the above? Different strokes for different folks. Right?

For me a great run or a great race would be where I finish strong and come out smiling. When I have something left in my tank to sprint the last 100 to 200 mts. 

My main motive to register for the Hyd half was to be able to register for the Mumbai Marathon as I did not have any timed half marathons timing link of the past year which I require to register for the Mumbai marathon. 

On race day, Ashok and me reached the People's Plaza on Necklace Road much earlier and found parking in the Imax parking lot. Since we were very early Ashok wanted to listen to some songs on the car music system and we sat there for sometime listening much to the amusement of some other runners who were in the parking lot as well. We then walked in to the start area and searched for RHers. The Hussain Sagar lake is a beautiful sight to behold as the sun had not yet risen as yet and it was dark. There is abeautiful Buddha Statue right in the middle of the lake which was lit by some green and white colour lights. The loud music and the electrifying atmosphere was enough to give an adrenaline rush and a heady feeling right before the start. 

We found Kaiwan and Dilshad and after exchanging hugs we started searching for other RHers whom we were supposed to meet at the baggage counter. They were all busy clicking groufies and selfies and we joined in to click many more groufies. I was glad to meet the boisterous HSR crowd, Rama, Priya, Usha, Hitesh and others. Again I was so glad that Dilshad would be running with me as we had run Mumbai Half together way back in 2014 and done fantastic timing. Dilshad had told me that she would help me to get my time for Mumbai Marathon registration and boy! was I glad for that!! I knew that if I just keep her in sight and stick with her I would be able to do it. Thank you Dilsh for being there with me throughout.

The MC on the stage was introducing the pacers and Dilshad and me were wondering whether we should take the 2.45 bus or do it on our own. We decided to try and stick with them and see how things go. The crowd was very boisterous and the lady on the mike did not have to do much to pep up the crowd. The loud cheering and clapping for no reason, the hugs, the high fives and the music and the noise was enough to pump us all up. She asked all the move to the holding area, but our group continued with their photo sessions. They will put high profile models and movie stars to shame with their posing and their pouting. I wanted to shout to them in Hyderabadi Urdu "Hai!! yeh potta pottiyan pozaan marne ich aaye hai Hyderabad ku?". In the meantime the sun rose to a glorious orange on the lake and it was a beautiful sight to behold. I was reminded of sunrises in Mumbai. 

Finally some of us saner ones put our foot down and urged them to get moving and we finally reached the start area. We were supposed to be in the E or F corals, but there were not many beyond the C and we stayed at C holding area. The speedsters moved to A or B.

It was a really good time to be there because we saw all the marathoners pass by us at that time. They had done 9k or 10k around the Hussain Sagar lake by then and would be going into the city from here on. We saw Siddhesh Hanumantappa speed past us and shouted out his name. It was really inspiring to see them breeze past us so strong, pumping fist in the air and hooting. Each of them got huge rounds of applause from all of us and no one bothered about the announcer's announcements. And before we knew it the race had started and we all gave each other final high fives and hugs and started. Since it was really crowded, we had to walk to the starting mat and it was a good 6 minutes by the time Dilshad and me crossed the mat and heard the continuous beep which signaled the start for us.

The AHM is one of the best organised races in India and is definitely comparable to SCMM in terms of aid station support, crowd support and attention to details paid by the organisers. Each aid station is managed by very courteous and friendly college students and are well stocked with biscuits, bananas, water and electral. This time around, I had packed our Namma Bengaluru weather in my bag and taken it along with me. So it was a beautiful 23 deg C at the start of the race and there was a cloud cover which kept the sun at bay and the humidity was very manageable. There has been good rain the previous night and the roads were still wet and I took all these as good signs and a way in which the universe was telling me that today is my day and that I am going to have a great race. 

Dilsh and I started slow and bam!! right at the 400mts mark comes the Flyover 1: Khairatabad flyover. We spotted the three 2.45 pacers and decided to stick with them. There was a lady who we thought looked too serious (no gender bias here). So we picked a guy who was loudly cheering and pepping the runners. The third pacer was behind us. We kept to this formation throughout the run. We were going real slow, the initial 2 kms and Dilsh struck up a conversation with our chosen pacer and told him that we are aiming to finish within 2.45 and he was very encouraging.

The Hyderabad city is like a bowl, the Hussain Sagar lake being the lowest point in the city and the city going upwards from that central point on, in all directions. So the city is full of Jublilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Kachigudas and so many more gudas, Panchagutta and so many more guttas and Flyovers. In my opinion, Hyderabad must be the flyover capital of India or even of the world. Just when you think you have safely crossed one flyover comes another. But the roads are wide and tree lined. They are all six laned or eight laned roads. They must have tarred the road specially for the Marathon as there wasn't a single pothole on any of the roads and also the city was exceptionally clean without any garbage. Khudos! to Hyderabadis for this!.

The route was lined with people in many places cheering us on. There were school children, army personnel, citizens and runners lined up shouting 'All The Best' right on top of their voices. There was music, folk artistes performing, bands and singers at regular intervals. Even Airtel had its own stage and singers performing at a couple of places. There was a particular lady who was standing right on top of a very tough uphill shouting out 'you can do it'. I even told her that she had chosen the right spot to cheer us on and thanked her for it. But then again i wonder whether she was able to understand what I told her with all my panting. She might have got the gist of it or the spirit of it. The college students at the aid stations were ever attentive and used to rush to us with water, electral, pain spray or bananas and biscuits. We made sure that we drank water and electral at every aid station and also took our salt pills at regular and pre-determined times.

The previous time when we had run in Hyderabad in 2014, the Metro was under construction. But this time the construction work has been completed in many places.  Once we crossed the Khairatabad flyover it was a few ups and downs, but mostly flat up to the 4k mark where we took a U-turn at Somajiguda junction and entered the Panjagutta flyover. This was a 1k long flyover and from here we enter the toughest stretch. We have to cross Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills with lots of uphills from 5k point to almost 10k point. Also, this is the most colourful part of the city with shops and restaurants on both the sides. These and the regular aid stations and the spectators cheering on kept us entertained and I found that I was running all the hills right up to the 8k point from where I started struggling at the hills but made up for the time lost by the downhills. Also, I silently thanked Chandra's Sunday killer workouts for enabling me to run so many of the uphills effortlessly. we sing 'maar daala Chandraaaaaa maar daala' to thank her all the time :) ;)

Somewhere here, at around the 7.5k mark we even crossed a major traffic junction where the traffic had been stopped on all directions. In 2014, our Rowdy gang group must have passed this point at a much later time because by the time we passed it we had seen the drivers fighting and abusing the traffic cops and a lady and a guy in a red Maruthi car had forcibly entered through the barricade. But this time around I saw that the volume of traffic pile up was still low and the tempers had not flared as yet when we passed it. The cops did a really good job of maintaining traffic and also around this point even they were cheering us loudly and calling out 'all the best maam' which made running the uphills a little better.

We then passed Madhapur and Hi tech city where we could see the completed Metro work. This section from 10k to 14k was also flat with some gradual uphill from 14k. This is the new Hyderabad. It is the IT hub of Telangana state and we could see many modern buildings that housed the IT industry with modern architecture, glass and concrete. We could see the Cybercity building Around this time Dilshad saw that I was struggling the hills and she told me to drink electral and take the second salt pill. We had done about 15.5 k in 2 hrs and I was pleased with our progress. I also ate a couple of biscuits at an aid station and felt that it gave me some much needed sugar kick. So, from them on I started eating a couple of biscuits and piece of banana at each aid station which I feel helped me a lot to keep up my energy levels.

A note on the green-ness of the event - while they used reusable plates and spoon to serve breakfast, the usage of plastic water bottles was huge in the stadium. throughout the route they used the usual disposable plastic coated paper cups. The volunteers were constantly picking up the trash and cleaning the aid station areas very quickly. They did a commendable job in keeping the place squeaky clean. When we took an auto rickshaw from the Gacchibowli stadium to IMAX parking after the race, we drove on the very same roads and they had been cleaned up by then and there was no sign that such a huge event had taken place. But despite all this it is very alarming to see the amount of waste generated. Could the organisers think of purchasing about 10,000 steel tumblers and reuse them or even rent them out later and earn through it. Could the organisers think of encouraging the runners to carry their water bottles and refill them at various points. These are serious issues that event organisers have to ponder upon for making future events more eco friendly.

There were also many downhills and outright flats which made this my best section where I was able to make up for any lost time by maintaining a steady pace. After this came the killer flyover no 3, the Gachhibowli flyover. It raises its monstrous head at the 19k mark by which time you are spent and  ready to die. I walked up this entire flyover. Dilsh was throwing concerned looks at me and I was trying to give her a weak but brave smile. The encouraging sign was that we were well within our time and also the pacers were within our sight. The third pacer was shouting out encouragement at us and pepping the runners. When we tried to walk on one of the uphill, he asked us to not walk but run up to a particular sign board at the turn around and then walk from there which was a clever move by him because after that board it was downhill. I mentally thanked him for knowing his city and the race route so well and also knowing the mentality of runners so well. 

From the 20k point onwards it was gradual uphills and flats. I was again walking most of the uphills but tried to do a fast walk here as I knew that the finish line was well within reach and also in good time.  This portion of the gradual uphill is very mentally draining and almost all the runners around us were walking. Once we came to the 500 mts mark, I started running. I entered the Gacchbowli stadium gate and picked up pace. I found Dilshad there and we both held hands and started running really fast. It was such a good feeling because everyone around us was walking and we were the only ones running. I was reminded of all the Tuesday tempo runs and the Wednesday workouts that we are made to do. It's because of these sessions that even after 20.5 kms we had it in us to sprint. 

After running about 100 mts holding hands, we had to part ways as there were some walkers blocking our path and I had to traverse around them to take the right turn and run adjacent to the stadium wall. Then it is a left turn to enter the stadium. I thought that the finish would be seen as soon as we enter the stadium but it was a good 100 to 150 mts later. But I was surprised to see that I was still running strong and crossed the finish line running. It was a very satisfying moment as I walked to the lady giving out the medals and she put a medal around my neck. It had been 18 months since my last official half marathon, my last one being Auroville HM 2015 and it was a really good feeling to finally be able to do one.

Later we met Kaiwan. he had completed his 21k and collected his medal and gone back to do another 4k as he had to do 25k on that day according to his training. But he finished 25k right behind us!!!! When we told him about how tough the hills and the flyovers were he said "what hills? what flyovers?? There are none!! It's not as tough as you all make it out to be". We did not have any energy left in us to hit him. I could visualise the next day's newspaper with the headline "a male runner attacked and hit by two other exhausted and delirious women runners at the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon". But I did not have the energy to act upon it and make it a reality. :) 

The HSR gang was at it again. Posaan maar maar ke picturaan letey. Kaiku ine aisi baataan kartey? 

After stretching I told the gang that I would go back to the gate to wait for Ashok. He came back fully exhausted and with cramps in his feet. But he was also able to finish. Then he gave some lectures to the organisers about ow bad the breakfast was and also advised them to give biryani for breakfast from next year onwards.

I thank the day that Anu dragged me to join RH and I thank all the coaches of RH, ever smiling and patient Physios and Chandra's strengthening sessions. The buddies of Cubbon Queens and our buddy group WTF Where's The finish which is full of absolute crack pots with the most popular and sweetest coach of RH - Nanda at the helm. Srini P's and Srini V's timely valuable advice. My family and friends.

Next what? Mumbai ka daud!!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

TCS 10K 2016 - a race that was more than a race

To begin with, my TCS 2013 race report is here if you are interested.

Great things are achieved by doing the small things right, they say. And this is one of the seasons which has been most satisfactory for me as I feel that I was very successful in paying attention to detail and tying many of the loose ends and thus improve my running one crunch at a time, one step at a time.

The season started with the crazy dream that Jyothi and me have of doing the Mumbai Full in January 2017. Many would think how can two 3-hour half marathoners even dream of such a thing and achieving such an impossible task. Are they not biting too much than they can chew. But there is a beautiful Kannada song by Dr. G. S. Shivrudrappa sung by C. Ashwath in his sweet melodious haunting voice and in his inimitable way.

|| Kaanada kadalige hambaliside mana, Kaanabalene ondu dina, Kadalanu koodaballane ondu dina ||

It is a beautiful song and if you have not heard it till now, please listen to it immediately

While there are many meanings and interpretations to the song the most literal translation would be as follows: A river is longing to merge with the unseen ocean, its final destination. The river has heard a lot about the sea/ocean and wonders where it is and longs to see it and merge with it. As the river passes through the twists and curves of the mountains and the plains, it is filled with doubts and uncertainty, whether it will ever be able to see the ocean and merge with it and become one with it . But nevertheless it marches on its journey and continues to fulfill it’s destiny. This song finds a lot of resonance with me as I embark upon this beautiful marathon journey with my friends alongside me and RH behind me.

The seed of this dream of running the Mumbai Marathon was sown a couple of years ago when Santhosh used to introduce the Ananya Rabbits and other youngsters (by age) of RH like Ankush etc, that they are the only RH-ers doing distances more than their age. Each time I would think that the only way I would be able to run a distance more than my age would be if I do a Marathon.

Last year would have been ideal to do a Marathon and fulfill my dream of typing in my age lesser than the distance when I fill the registration form. But due to various reasons I could not do it. And therefore this year would be the last chance that I have as I would be turning 42 this year and when I fill the form I can fill age and distance as equal. So 42 @ 42 was my new motto. 

When a group of us, Dilshad, Mukund, Rama, Jyothi and me spoke to Santhosh and Srini V and our respective coaches about this they were all most appreciative of our plans and gave a clear go ahead and green signal. Of course there were many things that we had to do in the coming months and work really hard to ensure that we finished strong, which we were all ready to do. We have been working really hard since then. Srini V’s positive response and complete faith in us boosted our confidence.

Marathon Photos is charging Rs.1600 for all 
my race pics in all formats. I refuse to spend 
more money than I have already spent
With all this in the background, this season became the base building season for the SCMM for us. I did a lot of things right this season. I stuck to the RH schedule and followed it to the ‘t’. I did not miss a single run or workout. My attendance is above 95% (I think). I changed my yoga class and joined Vidya (a former Rh-er) and she corrected many of my poses and the way I was doing them which reduced my lower back ache and neck+shoulder+elbow+wrist pain. I ate right, tried to maintain good sleeping patterns, rested well, did strengthening at home too at least once a week apart from RH strengthening on Sundays.

After the nutrition talk, I took Chandra’s advise of how important it is to take protein immediately after the workout or within ½ hr for recovery and repair of muscles very seriously. Added to that Kavitha gave me the same talk at our BG BF at MTR, which strengthened my resolve to create my own protein powder as I do not like the ones available in the market and am a very strong exponent of homemade food stuff. My family has this wonderful recipe of making ‘Ragi Hurittu’ or sprouted finger millet powder. We add about 5 different grains and 12 different peas, pulses and beans to ragi along with dry fruits, soak and sprout them, dry them, dry roast them, all separately mind you! and finally mix them together and create the powder. I call it ‘my secret weapon to PBs’, ‘The magic potion’ which helped me power my way through the Bengaluru roads and achieve my PBs in every training run that I ran this season. Even Getafix and Snape are both very happy with my secret potion J J J.

All the attention to teeny weeny details that I paid helped me get stronger and I was running quite easily in all the areas where I used to struggle before. The ups and the elevations that I used to dread became easy and I was able to run faster and farther than before. This paid high dividends to me and I was able to do the distances in lesser time. I enjoyed the heat training and got a PB in pipeline 16k run. Enjoyed the run in Stone hill and got a PB there too. Enjoyed the Bylakere run where Jyothi and me did an easy run but had an enjoyable time talking nineteen to a dozen. Had a fantastic and strong run in Decathlon too and stuck gold with my 10K and 14k timings again!

For me the target run is just a clog in the wheel of training and running as a lifetime habit. The TCS run was a walk in the park compared to all the training runs that we has done through the summer in the heat. The start was a bit crowded and we had to walk the first 300 mts, from the start point up to the gate, where there is a slight elevation and this was expected. The RH support crew was astounding and really loud. I looked out for the RH support at each point that Santhosh had mentioned in the mail and crossed over each time to high five them, a few seconds lost be damned!. They called out my name each time which gave me such an adrenaline rush which would take me to the next pit stop easily. RH rocked on that day. No other group had these many supporters. But the last 300 mts, from the left turn that we take from Cubbon Park at Hudson Circle, to the finish point, was so crowded that I could not sprint even though I had a lot of strength left in me to sprint. This was most disappointing. I could only run slowly and especially the last 100 mts was so crowded, with all the runners finishing at the same time, that I had to walk those last 100 mts and past the finish mat. Note to self: try to become a sub 70 or sub 65 finisher by next year so that you finish earlier with lesser people and may have a chance to sprint the last 100 mts JJ.

The icing on the cake that day was my daughter doing the Majja run in support of an NGO called VAANI and it was her first fund raising effort. It was wonderful to see her run and finish so well.

Those who have seen me 4 years ago will remember that I could not even run 50 mts. RH and its coaches and physios have made me achieve so much in the last 4 years. Running has brought about so many changes in so many other spheres of my life. If you pay attention to one aspect of life, giving time to yourself and your own growth, the discipline and dedication that it brings about in you improves you in many other spheres of life also. 

In conclusion, despite sounding like the slides of Santhosh’s intro session all I can say to all the newbies is (1) Stick to the schedule (2) Maintain 100% attendance (3) Do all the things that is told  in teh intro session, by respective BG coaches, physios, in FAQs and RH website diligently including the ones mentioned in the looong emails J (4) have faith in the process (5) success will soon follow.

Happy Running and Happy Staying Fit!!!

Cheers to all!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Introduction to our ROAD TRIPS - Some Dos and what to expect

Bangalore to Vaishnodevi TO Bangalore – 7259 kms

Total Cost involved: Petrol - Rs.50000       Due to April north Indian summer we use AC
                                                 Toll    - Rs.10000           Wstrn India roads are very good but have tolls
                                                                                 and parking fees at various locations. Also cost                                                                                          includes getting the car washed everyday
                                               Room - Rs.40000    1 for men and 1 for women - For 10 days -                                                                                               Avg price per room Rs.2000 (SHARING)
                                                Food - Rs.10000/person 
                                              Total - Rs.110000
TOTAL COST / Person:  Rs.35000 if four people travel and Rs.30000 if five people travel
                                            *  Apart from this our personal expenses etc would invlove another                                                           Rs.10000 or 15000 depending on our needs.
                                              * No shopping included in this.

  • Your medicines is you are taking any daily and other emergency and general medicines.
  • We will have a basic first aid kit in the car.
  • Power banks, phone charger, multiple pin charging adapter, Indian pin adapter, spike buster, if possible a non-smart-phone with a BSNL sim card apart from your regular smart phone.
  • We will be using google maps and also due to roaming mobile phones tend to lose their charge in about 5 to 6 hrs max. So its a good idea to carry good capacity power banks  which can charge atleast 4 times as we will be required to share with others also. The charging pins in the car all do not work. Also we can charge through laptops if we are carrying them.
  • Its important to charge all the phones, power banks and laptops, cameras, ipods etc in the few hours that we spend sleeping in the room. So its a good idea to carry a good, working and with mimimum 6 points Spike buster as the hotel rooms do not have many electrical points. We might have to share one or two points with all our devices.
  • We create a WhatsApp group with all of us and our family members so that we can share our whereabouts with them round the clock so that they do not worry about our well being and also to make them jealous about all the fun that we are having :) ;)
  • Its a good idea to carry a couple of umbrellas, rain coats or jackets, sweaters etc.
  • Do not carry one large suitcase with all your clothes. Especially do not carry large suitcases with wheels. Instead, make 3 or 4 small bags with clothes for 2 or 3 days, with each bag carrying all your emergency and daily medicines, toiletries, cosmetics and necessities divided into small quantities into all the bags. This is becuase it is very late by the time we reach hotels to sleep, usually beyond mid night, so we do not want to waste too much time lugging our luggage and need to grab a bag quickly and get to the room to catch the few winks of sleep that we get. Also, in the morning we leave early, usually at dawn, so we need to get back to the car and on the road quickly.
  • We do not remove all the luggage from the car exept that day's small bag and our electronic devices like laptops, phones and power banks for charging. We keep the car locked and safe in the hotel parking as it is for a very short duration of maybe 4 to 3 hrs.
  • Keep another bag with small quantity of emergency medicines, cosmetics, phone, power banks etc. Keep the spike buster handy to grab and carry into the hotel room when we disembark frm the car in the night.
  • Bring along lots of spirit of adventure, being ready to face any situation and challenges etc. Bring along a memory stick full of lovely and latest bollywood, kollywood and english music so that we will be spending roughly 100 to 120 hrs in the car which needs that many hours of music. Otherwise we will have to listen to Ashok's Pakistani music and we will be tearing our hair out!!! :( 
  • Carry cash and credit / debit cards. We usually do not do much shopping. Also, this time there will be no visits to weavers. So no stoppages for that. 
  • Our sight seeing is usually done at very fast pace and usually point to point. No lingering and no wastage of time. So we have to be quick on our feet when we are off the car with minimum time taken to do the things we intend to do.
  • Lots of conversations, fun and camaraderie happens within the car during the drives.
  • Ashok does most of the driving. But when he requires sleep and rest others take over for a few hours. Especially the first three days of travel. Night driving is also required. We also take turns in navigating through google maps.

  • We usually have a fixed time to reach our destination. It would be typically 2.5 days. So the first day involves 1200 kms of travel which means we will be travelling for 15 hrs. The second day would involve 1400 to 1500 kms of travel which would mean 20 to 22 hrs of driving. The third day would be about 300 to 400 kms of travel. Which would be 5 hrs of driving.
  • We usually carry a lot of theplas, chapathis and sandwiches with us for these two days and usually do not stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner to save on the time and to cover maximun distance.
  • There will be typically 3 to 4 stops per day for filling up diesel once every 400 kms. This time is also utilised to visit the toilet, have some tea or coffee if there is a shop in the petrol bunk, buy biscuits, cold drinks etc, if there is a shop in the petrol bunk. The toilets might or might not be clean. But since we will be travelling in western and north India which are more developed for tourism, we might be lucky to find good toilets. It is adviced to utilise the facility at each and every stop as we never know when we might find the next one.
  • Once we reach Mata Vaishnodevi, we have to do treck 14kms to the temple. So carry appropriate clothing for the trek and also a trekking bag to carry the necessities.
  • Obviouslly you should not have motion sickness. Since we will be driving continuously for 12 days and typically 18 hrs a day, if you are a person who cannot drive without throwing up then this is not the kind of adventure for you.
  • The travel invloves a lot of physical fitness. You should be able to endure sitting continuously for 18 hrs a day and be able to manage with minimum sleep. You should be able to handle greulling and hectic schedules.
  • Women will develop swollen feet due to sitting for 18 hrs a day for 10 to 12 days. Your feet will begin to hurt by the 8th or 10th day. 


Bangalore to Vaishnodevi TO Bangalore – 7259 kms


Bangalore to Surat to Chandigarh to Vaishnodevi – 3134 kms

Tuesday, 19th April                                 
Bangalore to Surat – NH4 and NH8 – 1252 kms

Wednesday, 20th April
Surat to Chandigarh – NH8 – 1411 kms

Thursday, 21st April
Chandigarh to Vaishnodevi – NH1A – 390 kms
Afternoon - trek of 14 kms to Vaishnodevi temple and Darshan.
Night stay and rest in hotel there.

Darshan might be pushed to Friday, 22nd April.


Vaishnodevi, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Delhi, Mathura, Agra, Jhunjhunu, Jaipur, Mumbai, Shirdi, Shani Shingapur, Poona, Pandharpur, Kolhapur, Bangalore – 4205 kms

Friday, 22nd April: (LIGHT DAY)
Vaishnodevi to Amritsar – NH1A & NH 15 – 264 kms
Afternoon langaar in Gurudwara
Evening visit to Wagah border
Night stay in Amritsar

Saturday, 23rd April: (LIGHT DAY)
Amritsar to Chandigarh – NH1 – 231 kms
Lunch and sightseeing at Chandigarh
Night stay at Chandigarh

Sunday, 24th April: (LIGHT DAY)
Chandigarh to Delhi – NH1 – 260 kms
Lunch at Delhi and sightseeing in Delhi Metro
Night stay at Delhi

Monday, 25th April
Delhi to Mathura – Yamuna Expy – 160 kms
Mathura to Agra – Yamuna Expy – 75 kms
Agra to Jaipur – Agra Bikaner Rd – 239 kms
Night halt at Jaipur

Tuesday, 26th April
Morning sightseeing at Jaipur
Mid morning travel – Jaipur to Jhunjhunu – RJ Sh 37 & NH8 – 192 kms
Afternoon darshan at Baba Gangaram mandir
Evening travel – Jhunjhunu to Mt Abu – NH8 & NH 14 – 660 kms
{JAIPUR to Mt ABU – NH14 & NH8 – 494 kms}
Night stay at Mt Abu

Wednesday, 27th April
Mt Abu to Mumbai – NH8 – 748 kms
Visit ti Siddhi Vinayak and Mahalakshmi temple in Mumbai Local
Night stay at Mumbai

 Thursday, 28th April
Mumbai to Shirdi – NH3 – 252 kms
                Morning darshan at Shirdi
Shirdi to Shani Shingapur – NH 160 & MH Sh 166 – 75 kms
                Afternoon darshan at Shanishingapur
Shani Shingapur to Poona – Kopargaon, Ahmednagar Pune Highway – 161 km
Night stay at Pune

Friday, 29th April
Poona to Pandharpur – NH9 – 210 kms
                Morning darshan at Pandharpur
Pandarpur to Kolhapur – NH 204 – 204 – 182 kms
                 Afternoon darshan at Kolhapur
Kolhapur to Bangalore – NH4 – 611 kms

Saturday, 30th April
Buffer Day

Sunday, 1st May
Rest Day