Thursday, February 7, 2013

Week 11 - Jan 28 to Feb 3

The 11th week of our training was supposed to be the week of tapering runs. As we approach and come nearer to the Auroville Run, we train lesser in terms of mileage and intensity and rest more. Santhosh even recommends afternoon naps which I cannot savour due to my office work. He even recommends bunking office :) and has given hints that he can send us a list of excuses that can be used.

The week began with the day of rest on Monday and I did my Tuesday run for 30 mins around the storm water drain. Meena joined me and we ran together and did the stretches together. The Wednesday warm up was also good. I ran with fellow runner Aishwarya the entire 1 km distance and did not take any walk break. I really felt good about it. The form exercises were also very good. 

The Wednesday run was the Train workout. Its the best event of the whole program and I look forward to it the most. We are all divided into groups according to our paces of about 9 or 10 runners in each group. We start running one behind the other and the last runner sprints and takes the place of the first runner and then the subsequent last runner sprints and takes the place of the first runner and it continues in this way. I ran as fast as I could and gave it my all. I enjoyed the whole exercise. Once I run fast, it takes me some time to catch my breath and recover. I have to walk a few paces and then catch up with the group. The lungs feel like they are going to burst any moment. We had to run 4 laps. When we were running the 3rd lap, I thought that this is the last one and ran as fast as I could only to be told that there was one more lap. At the end of the last lap I just could not run. But Santhosh ran the last leg with me. He kept telling me 'Just run, don't think, breath, deep breaths, you still have energy in you, long strides, just put one leg in front of the other'. These words really helped me to run and I hope to carry them with me on Sunday during the Auroville run.

Saturday run was the 5 km run at Cubbon park. I had decided to take walk breaks only at the end of each km. I stuck to the plan at the 1st km and the 2nd km. After that it became a bit difficult to continue for one whole kilometre without stopping. But the duration of the walk was lesser and this way I was able to complete the run much quicker than the time that I take. After the run was the breakfast session organised by Runner's High at Lady Jehangir Kothari Hall. It commenced with the award's ceremony where a few runner's who represent the values represented by Runner's High community were recognised and then the coaches were thanked. It was a very exhilarating experience to witness the wonderful atmosphere of camaraderie and bonhomie among the runners of the community and the whole experience was very uplifting and enriching.

On Sunday, the coaches had all gone for a retreat and we were supervised by temporary coaches or junior coaches. I was very surprised to see so many runners turn up as I thought the absence of the coaches would deter some to come and some might think that its not very important. But many turned up and the junior coaches handled the runs and the drills at IIMB very well.

We are all geared up and raring to go to Pondicherry next Sunday for the Auroville Marathon.

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